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    Redefining Transformation for Value Creation

    Redefining Transformation for Value Creation

    During the recent Renovata & Company Platform panel discussion, Redefining Transformation for Value Creation, industry experts Josephine Hus , Michael D’Onofrio , and Ramon de la Sota offered insights into the changing landscape of private equity.

    Event overview

    Private Equity has long been distinguished by excellence in financial rigor and a relentless focus on transforming performance basics. In recent years, the industry has also emphasised digitalisation and data, with firms increasingly channelling significant investments into these domains according to both necessity and opportunity.

    With the current investment landscape presenting a higher risk environment on both a macro and local level, how can we ensure that transformation successfully creates intrinsic value?

    Our expert panel, at our Redefining Transformation for Value Creation event, discussed the nuance and challenge behind formulating and executing a successful value creation strategy within the current market dynamics.

    Topics covered the role of the Operating Partner, the utilisation of advanced technologies, and when exactly a Chief Transformation Officer should be hired.

    Download your complimentary copy of the Redefining Transformation for Value Creation report, outlining the key insights from the panellists.


    Julia Barber


    Julia Barber

    Director, Platform Engagement