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    Leading Change within Product and Tech

    Leading Change within Product and Tech

    Join us for a conversation with Pippa Topp – Product Leader, Coach and Consultant.

    Pippa Topp discusses leading change within product and tech.

    She brings over 15 years of expertise in Product and Tech to her role as a product leader, consultant, and coach.

    Topics covered

    In this conversation Pippa leans into:

    1. How can professionals embrace career change and seize new opportunities?
    2. What strategies are effective for leading successful change management?
    3. How can leaders build and nurture high performing teams?
    4. What’s the key to making informed and calculated career decisions?
    5. How much progress have women in tech leadership really made?

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    From embracing unexpected career changes to successful change management and building high performing teams, download Pippa’s full conversation to unlock the key insights on leading change within product and tech by clicking on the button below.


    Julia Barber


    Julia Barber

    Director, Platform Engagement