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    Boardroom to Bottomline

    Boardroom to Bottomline

    A conversation with Cint CPO, Bregje ‘Bee’ Meuwissen

    Bregje ‘Bee’ Meuwissen, the Group Chief People Officer at Cint, has cultivated an impressive career in human resources across key global tech hubs, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Dubai. Her professional journey includes impactful roles at companies such as DocPlanner, IDEMIA and TRAVELPORT, where she focused on building diverse and high-performing teams.

    In our recent Boardroom to Bottomline discussion with Bee, she delved into the pivotal moments and highlights of her career, shedding light on her entry into technology driven by unwavering curiosity.

    Diversity in the workplace

    Bee emphasized the critical role of diversity in the workplace, encompassing thought leadership, organizational culture, and gender inclusion. Her insights underscored the necessity for leaders to embrace curiosity, seeking to understand more, delve deeper, and act faster. This curiosity plays a pivotal role in fostering a more diverse and inclusive industry. Bee’s perspectives provide valuable insights into women in leadership, emphasizing the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and the significance of embracing diversity in the tech sector.

    Reflecting on her unconventional journey from banking to tech, Bee described her entry into the tech sector as serendipitous, originating from her consulting work in banking. A pivotal project with Juniper Networks exposed her to the dynamic and innovative environment of the tech industry, igniting her passion for its pace, innovation, and collaboration with brilliant minds globally. Bee’s trajectory underscores the often-unexpected paths that can lead to fulfilling careers, driven by a relentless pursuit of improvement and innovation.

    Bee’s international success is marked by over a decade of living and working across diverse regions, including the Middle East. This experience deepened her understanding of the importance of cultural and cognitive diversity in building effective teams. Bee highlighted the value that different perspectives and approaches bring to the table, emphasizing the need for cohesive teams that can leverage their diversity to achieve exceptional results.

    Unconscious bias

    Addressing the pervasive issue of unconscious bias, Bee acknowledged its existence in all individuals and advocated for a proactive approach to create an inclusive workplace culture. She stressed the need for diverse viewpoints not only to be recognized but also genuinely valued and integrated into decision-making processes. Bee’s leadership in the tech industry, where she often found herself as the lone woman in the room, highlights the challenges and opportunities that come with driving diversity in leadership.

    Final thoughts

    In her final thoughts, Bee’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of continuous curiosity and a global perspective in one’s career. Her experiences underscore the importance of embracing diverse cultures, navigating unconscious bias, and recognizing the unique contributions of diverse leadership. Bee’s story resonates as a reminder that success in the tech world goes beyond technical skills, requiring an understanding and appreciation of the diverse world we inhabit, coupled with a commitment to continuous improvement and growth.

    As she aptly puts it, “An open mindset, self-awareness and clear decision making are three essential elements of strong leadership. This trifecta will give you the ability to continuously develop and grow.”

    Download pdf copy of this interview > Boardroom to Bottomline: Conversation with Cint CPO, Bregje ‘Bee’ Meuwissen

    Julia Barber


    Julia Barber

    Director, Platform Engagement