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    From Boardroom to Bottom Line

    From Boardroom to Bottom Line

    From the voice of female leaders in the world of commerce, technology and venture, we’re proud to present From Boardroom to Bottom Line.

    This year, we have had the privilege of bringing together an enormously diverse range of entrepreneurial senior women from the world of commerce, technology and venture, via a series of high impact events.

    Designed to facilitate real-world peer engagement rather than offer theoretical lessons from a stage, our events have provided female leaders a platform with which to connect, share and problem solve.

    The insights our guests have shared both during and after these events have been exceptionally valuable – as we expected with the level of seniority in the room – and this has only reinforced the value of an all-female forum.

    Over the past decade, women in tech have shattered glass ceilings, not just made a dent in them. From founding startups to leading innovation at enterprise businesses, we’ve moved from the margins to the mainstream. Yet, for all the strides made in elevating women in the workplace, it appears we have only scratched the surface.

    Moving gender equality from agenda to action

    The findings in our From Boardroom to Bottom Line report are focused on answering two questions:

    • How much progress have we really made as female leaders?
    • How can we affect meaningful change going forward and ensure the path is smoother for future generations.

    Implement an actionable gender diversity programme to create a profitable sustainable business.

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    Julia Barber


    Julia Barber

    Director, Platform Engagement